Summary of research on customizing app-request notification on Facebook

I was trying to customize the message displayed in the notification received by a user (User A) when another user (User B) send a app request to him/her.

Currently the message is fixed, it says

${APPNAME}: USERB sent you a request in $APPNAME

For example, our app currently says SocialCalendar:Yunming Zhang sent you a request in SocialCalendar.

The goal is to customize the message to something more like “Yunming Zhang invited you to try SocialCalendar” ( apps like Everest displays display the desired message in their app request notification).

Several posts claim that an undocumented parameter “new_style_message” in javascript API can send a more customized message as documented here

I have tried to set the params in Facebook IOS SDK FBWebDialog, using code snippets like the following

params[@”new_style_message”] = @”TRUE”;

So far, it didn’t work. It is possible that if we switch to FB.ui {} API, we could enable customization of the message in notification.

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