How to make a good poster

Lessons learned from Prof Alan Cox, Prof Vivek Sarkar on making a good poster.

The high level idea is

“a poster is a like a collection of presentation slides. It should not be heavy on text but should have a lot of figures used for demonstration”

To achieve this goal, there are some good suggestions

1. Order the sections of the poster as you would do a presentation

2. Use bullet points instead of paragraphs of texts

3. Keep the minimum font for text in graph or text 24 pt.

4. Use meaningful header names and avoid headers like “intro”, “motivation”…

5. Draw lots and lots of figures and tables that show your points.

6. Use color to keep some stuff consistent across multiple figures. For example, if I use orange for documents and red for cluster topics in one figure, then I would use it in another as well.

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