Meeting notes with Prof. Mellor-Crummey on the Arrayview MPI Project

This is  a summary of meeting with Prof. Mellor-Crummey on the Fall 2013 522 Project, HJ-MPI APIs using Arrayviews. We discussed about the goals, implementation steps, schedule of the project and potential features in the API.

  1. The goals of the project were the following
    • Build a working version of 2.5D MatrixMult algorithm with the Arrayview based API
    • Performance analysis on the scalability, communication/computation issues with the algorithm
    • Build a set of ArrayView based MPI APIs for the Comp 322 class in the spring
    • Bonus: Write a lab for the 322 class
  2. Send_Recv_Replace is blocking. As a result, there is no overlapping between communication and computation. A better way would be to use ISend and IRecv.
  3. It is important to take into account the NUMA issues. May be we could develop an API that will automatically decompose the matrix and send them to certain processors and have them worked on locally.
  4. Read the papers on C# based MPI and see if there are any interesting ideas there.
  5. The schedule
    • By Dec 10th, we would have a working implementation with some result analysis for the 2.5D MatrixMult algorithm
    • By Dec 18th, we would have a complete set of analysis and APIs needed for the 322 class
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