Paper summary:Leveraging usage similarity for effective retrieval of examples in code repositories

Leveraging usage similarity for effective retrieval of examples in code repositories

Paper summary

  1. Focus / Problem to be solved
    1. can’t efficiently find out how to use APIs in the source code repositories
    2. find a code snippet usage in code repository on how to use
  2. Importance
    1. mine the sour e code repository to find examples of API usage without relying on explicit documentations
  3. Method
    1. structural semantic indexing: a technique to associate words to source code entities based on similarities of API usage
  4. Context
    1. Socerer’s DB’s heuristics
    2. find relevant code using comments and natural language descriptions online
    3. Sniff, synthesis API usage examples
  5. Results
    1. evaluate with comparison to two other retrieval techniques
    2. show improved recall, precision and other metrics
  6. Unique contributions
    1. proposed a Structural Semantic Indexing technique
    2. show SSI can enhance the effectiveness of code search
    3. implemented a code search tool that extract API usage
  7. Possible applications
  8. Notes
    1. code entities that share common usage of APIs are functionally similar, and can share terms used to define each other
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