Setting iOS AppIcon and Launch Image in Xcode 5

This is a post summarizing my research into AppIcons and LaunchImage in IOS apps  in Xcode 5. I explored two approaches using Asset Catalog and modifying the info.plist.

There are two approaches to set the images, (1) add keys to info.plist  (2) use asset catalog
The older way uses appname-info.plist.
The official documentation is here
You can go to general tab of the project, find AppIcons or LaunchImages, click a folder icon and select the image you want.
(1)  It will create the relevant key in the info.plist file.  (CFBundleIcons and UILaunchImageFile)
(2) The image files need to be stored in the top level of the bundle.
The newer and better approach seems to utilize an “Asset Catalog”
the documentation is here
It has a few advantages over the first approach.
(1) compress image into binary bundles when users download the app
(2) better management of the images
(3) … others
Programmers can choose to use AssetCatalog from the start by select to use AssetCatalog in the general tab in the project configuration page. Programmers can also migrate the first approach to use the Asset Catalog
 Asset Catalog create a Image.xcassets folder to manage all the images in the top level of the application folder (not the bundle folder)
Possible issues with using Asset Catalog, but it seems using the Asset Catalog alone is good enough even for IOS 5 or 6
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