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Research Summary for Test Driven Code Reuse Tools

This is a post summarizing my search on Test Driven Code Reuse Tools. The code reuse tools are usually based on a ┬ácore code search engine. The user inputs unit tests/ test functions, comments, method signatures and the code search … Continue reading

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Chapter Summaries for Willpower Instinct (Chinese Version)

This is a post consists of excerpts of chapter summaries from Willpower Instinct, the book by Dr. Kelly Mcgonigal.). A english version will be made available a bit later. The Chinese version comes first because I read the Chinese version … Continue reading

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Book Summary: The Power of Habits

This is the beginning of a series of new posts summarizing the books I read over the summer(2014), so far including, “The Power of Habits”, “Brain Rules”, “Will Power Instinct”, “Lean Start Up” and “The Innovator’s Dilemma”. I have also … Continue reading

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Reflections on my first conference paper submission

This is a post summarizing the experience I gained from getting ready my first ever paper submission to Symposium of Cloud Computing (SoCC). I produced the paper draft from the work I did for my master thesis.

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