Reflections on my first conference paper submission

This is a post summarizing the experience I gained from getting ready my first ever paper submission to Symposium of Cloud Computing (SoCC). I produced the paper draft from the work I did for my master thesis.

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
    1. Get to the problem straight.
      1. An expert should know what you did in the first two paragraphs.
      2. Example: I shouldn’t have talked too much about memory in the first paragraph, instead get to the point that Habanero Hadoop is a runtime system for data analytics applications that is optimized for memory efficiency.
    2. Topic sentence
      1. Make sure each sentence has a topic sentence. It is especially important for Introduction because people are unfamiliar with your work at this point. Don’t start describing the details right away.
    3. Make the case that it is a real problem
      1. Need to make it clear that we are solving a problem up front
      2. Example: describe the in-memory objects used in KMeans, KNN and Hashjoin. This way, we make sure that we are solving a real problem before we move on to describe the details of the problem
    4. Be very clear about the points
      1. Use First, Second, Finally…
    5. Describe the context
      1. Use a small paragraph to describe what others have done, close to the end of introduction
    6. Describe critical contributions
    7. Describe the lay out of the rest of the paper
      1. what future sections describe
  3. Motivating Examples
  4. Programming Model
    1. Programming model should be in its separate section, instead of in a hybrid section with implementation
    2. Programming model should come before the implementation details
  5.  Implementation
    1. Describe the designs, again, make sure there is a topic sentence
    2. Focus on why the system is designed that way
  6. Results
    1. Focus on what the figure/table is showing, the take away points, not the specific details
    2. Need to have a better grasp on the length of the results section
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