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Notes on writing distributed systems

This is a note summarizing some of my reflections on writing distributed systems for 6.824 at MIT. I had a horrible time debugging a concurrency bug last Friday. After some discussions with friends, I reflected on some of the mistakes … Continue reading

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Git: how to set up two remotes and check out a previous commit

This is a post for myself, recording my experience with learning how to use git with (1) multiple remote repositories and (2) see the content of a previous commit.

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Time programs in C++

This is a summary of exploration of timing functions in C++

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How to instrument CAFFE to get timing on each layer

This is a post on how to instrument the CAFFE library ( here to have timing information on each layer.

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Paper Reading Summary: Remus: High Availability via Asynchronous Virtual Machine Replication

This is a paper summary for “Remus: High Availability via Asynchronous Virtual Machine Replication” from University of Britishi Columbia

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Notes: Loading go language mode in emacs

This is a post summarizing my experience installing go module in emacs

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Notes on Sparse Matrix Multiplication

This is an on-going post updating my experience with optimizing sparse matrix, vector multiplication.

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