LLDB notes

This is a post summarizing my work with LLDB on Mac. I will include the basic functionalities such as using a GUI, debug throgh programs, etc.

  • run with arguments
    • lldb — args (for example, lldb — ./test.o)
  • set break points at function
    • breakpoint set –name func_name (breakpoint set –name main)
      • NOTE: has to be “breakpoint” not “b”. “b” would not report an error, but it would tell you unable to locate the function. This is tricky for gdb users.

I have used LLDB when I have to work on mac. It comes with the developer tools.

You can set the break points the same way as in GDB.

LLDB to GDB map


General tutorials





To enter the GUI mode, just type¬†gui¬†from the lldb command line when you’re debugging.

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