Notes on pmu tools

More on pmu tools

To use the comprehensive profiling (toplev)

./ -v -m -l3 -C2  —  ./tc -g 25 -k 4 -n 1 |& less | tee -a tc_toplev_l3_C2.txt

this uses toplev, a comprehensive profiling tool that can tell you everything from front_end, back_end bound . This particular command uses level 3, and is reporting only for core 2 (reporting all cores can be a bit messy).

To see memory_bound ratio, you need to turn on L3.

Remember to set the following flag for certain counters to be accessed.

echo 0 | sudo tee  /proc/sys/kernel/nmi_watchdog

Documentation can be found here



To see the list of ocperf events

python  ./pmu-tools/  list

It will download a cpu event file that matches the CPU. You can try it separately

python -a

Make sure you have the permission to access the file.


To run with one fo the events

python  ./pmu-tools/ stat -e cycle_activity.stalls_l1d_pending -e cycles:pp  ls

you can pass any perf arguments through to, it will patch through to perf.

perf stat records the cound, perf record is sampling based.

ocperf stat is similar to ocount,

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