List of essential books

I believe the books on this list should be read carefully by everyone who wants to enjoy a healthy, peaceful and most importantly meaningful life. [Being Updated]

I divide the books into several categories, within each category, they are ranked by the order of importance. The first is the book in each category is a MUST read, the following books are RECOMMENDED. This list will be constantly updated.

  1. Truth about life
    1. Comment on this category:
      1. The first and most important thing is understanding our human nature and what is broken. Realizing the problem is the first step towards a complete life.
    2. MUST READ:
      1. Bible
        1. short comment: the teachings in the book have helped me find meaning and peace in life. It explains in a fundamental level about our human nature. I firmly believe that following the principles in this book is the only way to find the meaning of your life.
      1. Purpose Driven Life
      2. Mere Christianity
  2. Sleep
    1. Comment on this category:
      1. We sleep for 1/3 of our time. It is much easier to optimize this 1/3 of our life first because it is a simple activity, yet it is hard to get good quality. The quality of our sleep also significantly impacts our efficiency in the day, happiness.
    2. MUST READ:
      1. Say Good Night to Insomnia (Greg Jacobs)
  3. Psychology
    1. MUST READ
      1. Flow: the psychology of optimal experience
  4. Life Planning
    1. MUST READ
      1. How to measure your life
  5. Brain
    1. The Brain Rules
    2. Thinking Fast and Slow
  6. Thinking Approach
    1. The 5 elements of effective thinking
  7. Nutrition
      1. The Body Book (Cameron Diaz)
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