A good basic intro for Spectral Graph Theory

I have done some research into the field of “spectral graph theory” during my trails of understanding graph applications. I found most of the materials focus heavily on the linear algebra portion of the field, and did not provide a good intuition on why we want to analyze say Eigen Vectors.

Here are a few good materials out of the many I looked at. This post will be constantly updated.

  1. A good basic introduction to Spectral Graph Theory
    1. Chapter 1 of this Dissertation is absolutely awesome in giving an overview.
    2. http://orion.math.iastate.edu/butler/PDF/dissertation.pdf
    3. EigenValuesAndEigenVectorsofGraphs
  2. Networks: an introduction (Mark Newman)
    1. Chapter 6, The Graph Laplacian (gives an origin on Laplacian representation of graph)
    2. Overall, a good introduction on how to think of graph operations as Linear Algebra. (not the best way to think from my perspective, though).
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