Paper writing notes

Here is a series of notes I have on my own reflections for writing a systems paper.

  1. Novelty
    1. Novelty is the single biggest concern people can have for the things you propose. It is the also the most deadly.
      1. Papers can be rejected solely based on this concern
    2. Try not to make your technique or system design seem very simple
      1. Be very careful about related works
      2. Always work on the corner cases, it would stretch the techniques to work on harder scenarios
  2. Generality
    1. Are you overfitting your system to a problem?
    2. My experience has been 5 applications is probably the magic number
  3. Justifications of design
    1. You need to justify why you designed your system this way
      1. Hopefully you can evaluate alternate designs for the problem
      2. Evaluate alternate designs and see their problems
  4. Evaluation
    1. more evaluation is always important
    2. Performance
      1. why are you getting the performance
  5. Related Works
    1. A thorough discussion with similar works previously published at the conference.
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