ArxV (archive) upload latex source notes

Here are some of my notes after my painful attempt to upload latex source file to arxv

  1. If using pdflatex, make sure set
    1. \pdfoutput=1 in the main latex file. This way the command would be pdflatex main.tex
    2. otherwise, all kinds of problem of bounding boxes with figures, and they want to make you make .eps file … ,just make sure you use pdflatex, and you have to set this option for arxv to use it
  2. Test locally with pdflatex (do NOT use your own Makefile)
    1. I had the problem since I wrote my Makefile, which worked everytime. However, the way to simulate the actual environment on arxv, is to just use
      1. pdflatex “mytexfile.tex”
      2. this way, more errors will be exposed. If it works locally, it will work on the website.
  3. Include the .bbl file for references if using bibtex
    1. Sometimes I found the references are missing.
      1. In my Makefile, I first used the pdflatex, then bibtex, then more pdflatex. But arxv by default does not do the bibtex pass,
      2. To mimic this on arxv, I just uploaded the bbl file addtionally, which is generated after bibtex. Then it just works.
  4. When looking at the error messages
    1. Ignore the warning on missing recitations and look for errors (search for errors).
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