A trick to avoid excessive macros

A trick to avoid excessive macros

A quick trick to avoid excessive macros. Excessive macros is bad for the code base as it makes it really hard to edit code after some point, and hard to fix the compilation errors.

One quick way to avoid is to define variables using macros. This way, we can pass in compile time flags, no redundant code are generated, and no need to use MACROS everywhere.

This is especially useful for flags that do verbose, timing and all that.

#ifdef VERBOSE

bool verbose = true;


bool verbose = false;



In the code, you can do

if (verbose) {




Instead of the full macro

#ifdef VERBOSE






Or another way might be

#ifndef VERBOSE
# define VERBOSE 0
const int verbose = VERBOSE;


And yes, you can pass in runtime flags with variables. The problem is that you need to have a lot of options defined in main, and you have to generate the timing code. It is probably more useful for large projects. But for medium size projects that wants good performance, this trick can come in handy.

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