How to Speak Notes (Patrick Winston talk)

Here are a summary of notes I gathered after hearing the talk from Professor Patrick Winston’s annual talk at MIT for How to Speak. It is a really impressive talk on how to package ideas and present them.

How to speak

  1. How to Start
    1. Open with a promise
      1. NOT a joke (not set up and ready, can easily gone cold)
    2. Stance
      1. show your hands, do not put in your pockets,
      2. use your hands to point to stuff
  2. Big 4
    1. cycles (reiterates your points over and over again)
      1. first cycle brings in long term memory
      2. probability (say something many times)
    2. verbal punctuations
      1. people will fall off from the talk, need to get people back to track
        1. First, Second,
    3. Near miss
      1. teach a difficult concept,
        1. describe not only the concept, but something that is not the concept, but what it is close to the concept [surrounding concept with near misses help establish boundaries]
    4. Question
      1. Ask the audience a question will get people back on trak
      2. how many seconds you should wait for audience’s response?
        1. 5-7 seconds
  3. Time and Place
    1. 11am
    2. bright
    3. always go to the place you are going to give a talk
  4. The board
    1. the board is the best for teaching, enough time for ideas to sink in
  5. Props
    1. Props are the best
  6. Power point sins
    1. Too many slides too many words
    2. Use pointer
  7. Special cases
    1. Oral
    2. Job Talk
      1. first 5 mins
        1. Vision
        2. Steps (what have you done)
    3. Famous
      1. symbol
  8. How to end
    1. Do NOT say Thank You
      1. you want the audience to
    2. Do NOT end with questions
    3. End with Contributions
      1. the slide will be up for 20 min
    4. Case study
      1. Bill Clinton (salute, and not say thank you)
    5. End with a joke
      1. will make people think that they had fun
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