Set up automatic testing in Github repository

This is my post documenting how to set up automatic testing for Github repository.

Credits to Ajay who actually did it. I am mostly documenting the steps he did. The motivation was that it became unsustainable for me to manually run tests everytime a pull request comes in.

Go to Travis CI, sign up and link to the Github repository. (The full Getting Started link is here

The key thing is to put a “.travis.yml” file in the root of the directory

There seems to be a myriad of functionalities (supporting different programming languages etc), but it seems to be the easiest to use the generic one


        - linux

language: generic

        - wget -O cmake.tar.gz
        - tar xvf cmake.tar.gz
        - mv cmake-3.12.1-Linux-x86_64 cmake
        - mkdir build
        - cd build
        - ../cmake/bin/cmake ..
        - make
        - cd bin 
        - ./graphit_test
        - cd ..
        - python python_tests/
        - python python_tests/


The script generally have 2 parts, “install” and “script”. Install uses wget to get all the dependencies. In the ¬†“script” part, we set up the build directory, and run the python tests.

Another one that uses the c++ language from the Tiramisu project

language: cpp

      - ubuntu-toolchain-r-test
      - libstdc++-4.9-dev

  - wget
  - tar xvf clang+llvm-5.0.0-x86_64-linux-gnu-debian8.tar.xz
  - mv clang+llvm-5.0.0-x86_64-linux-gnu-debian8 llvm
  - ./utils/scripts/ $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR/llvm/bin
  - printf "\nset (LLVM_CONFIG_BIN \${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/llvm/bin)" >> configure.cmake

  - mkdir build
  - cd build
  - cmake ..
  - make -j tiramisu
  - make test


To enable testing on all branches or disable testing for certain branches, you can go to the Travis setting page and use options (Build Pushed Branches or Build Pushed Pull Branches) .

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