Regular expressions in C++ and extract first integer in string

Some notes on how to use the regular expression support in C++, and how to extract the first integer in a string

To use regular expression, simply construct a regex object, and uses regex_match.

A good post is here

Extracting integers from a string is not that easy. However, if we are extracting only a single integer, then we could do the trick


// extract the integer from a string
int high_level_schedule::ProgramScheduleNode::extractIntegerFromString(string input_string){

    std::size_t const n = input_string.find_first_of("0123456789");
    if (n != std::string::npos)
        std::size_t const m = input_string.find_first_not_of("0123456789", n);
        return stoi(input_string.substr(n, m != std::string::npos ? m-n : m));
    return -1;

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