Markdown previews in mac

Here are my experience with using various markdown preview softwares in mac.

  1. Sublime’s MarkdownPreview in browser seems to be the best so far. It gives the same version as in Github.
    1. To install, simply go to the command palette in Sublime
    2. Control: Install Package
    3. And then search for MarkdownPreview
  2. Sublime’s Markdown Live
    1. Run into some weird issues with lines not wrapping around
    2. Compare to Markdown Preview, this thing updates the preview live as you edit the markdown file. However, I don’t think this is that useful a feature given the syntax highlighting in sublime is already pretty good. I just need to make sure the final version looks as expected
  3. macdown (
    1. has some weird bugs that doesn’t quite display the same thing as on Github. Maybe it will get more robust in the future.
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