Spell Checking for Latex

This is a post summarizing my experience performing spell check for my latex files.

I first tried using aspell ,

you can download and install it here

I just installed for all languages.

Then I can spell check individual latex files using the following command

aspell --mode=tex -c intro.tex

This will go into a command-line UI window that let me check the words that it deem as potentially a mistake. The UI also allows me to add and ignore certain words. No latex keywords are reported as errors, so this is pretty great.

I have also used texpad and other editors’ builtin spell checking. Those seem to be even weaker than aspell. Additionally, you can still miss certain wrong spellings.

Grammarly probably has the best check for grammar errors (“verb + s” or “verb” for example). “aspell” and other latex spell checkers generally don’t check for grammar issues.

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