Technical Reports

Optimizing Cache Performance for Graph Analytics

A series of efficient cache optimizations for graph analytics. Currently we have the fastest shared-memory PageRank performance, beating GraphMat, Galois, Ligra significantly.

Optimizing Spark for Multi-core Systems

Applying some of the shared memory integration ideas in Spark to reduce memory footprint of Kmeans by 2.5x on a 6-core node and speed up PageRank 15% on a local computer. Project Report for 6.824 at MIT

Optimizing Spark for Multi-core Systems

Habanero-Hadoop: An Optimized MapReduce Runtime for Multi-core Systems

Currently I am working on it to further improve the implementation and plan to develop it into a full conference publication. More information can be found in the blog posts. Below are the best presentations, posters and workshop papers on the research project.

Tech Report for the research. socc14-draft

Master thesis on Optimized Runtime Systems for MapReduce Applications in Multi-core Clusters

ACM Student Research Competition at SPLASH 13, 3rd Place, Undergraduate Oct 2013

(The improved poster and slides with more applications and results)  [slides]

HJ-Hadoop-posterv4 [poster]

The  original HotPar 2013 Poster Accompanying Workshop Paper  June 2013 [workshop paper submission, accepted as a poster]

HJ-MPI (Building ArrayView based MPI APIs in Habanero Java Library)

YunmingZhang-COMP 522-ProjectReport

Accelerating Front-Propagation Image Segmentation Algorithm. (work done at Center for Domain Specific Computing at UCLA)


LLVM dead code elimination (COMP 512 Class Project with Max Grossman, Rebecca Smith and Lingo Dai)


SSCA#2 Parallel Graph Algorithms


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