Installing Intel Compiler for students

This is a summary of my experience installing intel icc compiler on a linux cluster for myself.

The overall process was actually pretty straight forward for the most part, you download the linux version .tar file and untar it then use or

I just used with a command line interface (inputed my serial number from an email from Intel following signing up on the website). The real tricky part comes after it was installed, I got the follow error messages

Error: A license for CCompL is not available (-76,61026,2).

License file(s) used were (in this order):

1.  Trusted Storage

**  2.  /…/composer_xe_2015.3.187/bin/intel64/../../Licenses

**  3.  /…/yunming/Licenses

**  4.  /…/licenses

**  5.  /…/Intel/Licenses

**  6.  /…/icc/install/composer_xe_2015.3.187/bin/intel64/*.lic

Please visit if you require technical assistance.

icc: error #10052: could not checkout FLEXlm license

I googled around the internet and found many interesting posts. Apparently people have seen this problem before but none of those posts work for me. I was very confused because I already entered my license number during the installation (I was prompted to activate using a serial number).

The real problem is NOT that you need a FLEX license server, the real problem is that the license file was not created or put in the right path.

I followed through instructions in doc/install_Guide.html. The instructions in there are much more detailed than the .pdfs, which only give general instructions. There I see that you that you can actually manually download it from Intel’s website.

Your license file is available for download from

I downloaded the license and put it in ~/Licenses, I created the file by copying the content into a a file named license.lic (the key is that the extension needs to be a .lic)

After that I added the path to bin in the $PATH var. Now I can use icc.

I hope I can help others resolve the “Error: A license for CCompL is not available”. None of the post I saw was useful.

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One Response to Installing Intel Compiler for students

  1. Tao says:

    Thanks a lot!
    It works perfect.

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